Quick gem spending tutorial

Now that you have thousands of gems in your account (hopefully you have, if not: use our giveaway now and come back after you finished)... It is time to spend them! And you should spend them wisely.

But what is the best way to spend? Obviously, 100 000 is a lot of gems, but the amount is still indefinite. And if you want to dominate other players you should really consider optimizing the spending as much as you can. This is why we compiled this simple quick guide for spending your gems.

The most efficient way to start is to jump into buying Builder’s Huts. Each of these give you one additional builder. And builders are needed for bulding or upgrading your structures. Therefore, the more builders you have, the faster is the building process and you can upgrade quicker. So go ahead and buy 5 Builder’s Huts. The total cost will be 3 750 which is relatively small amount for what you get. Also, if you already have more than one hut, it will cost even less.

Boosting the Barracks is another very efficient way to increase speed of you advancement. 10 per Barracks gives you a boost for 2 hours and that means that you will have 4 times more units produced than regularly. Combine this with continuous raidint and you will get much more loot than usually! Consider producing armies that require less time to create and therefore give you even more chances to raid.

Some other, less efficient ways to use gems are:
Instant completion of units in the Barracks
Boosting Dark Elixir Drills instead of buying it for gems
Immediately finishing buildings only if you are about to leave the game, it is not so much time left, and you want to start building another building.

Of course, it all depends on your playing style. The rules above are great for maximizing the efficiency, but you might use the gems on other things from time to time as well. Just have in mind that there are several less productive investments and you should consider them carefully before committing.

Least productive investments:
Boosting Goldmines (instead, boost Barracks and raid)
Purchasing resources (the prices are very high and, again, you are much better off raiding)

These are the basic rules on spending your 100 000 gems wisely. We hope this information you in the future! Good luck!

(A tutorial by Maxclashgems)