What To Expect From Clash Of Clans In 2017

Clash of Clans Expectations

New year means new challenges for the game. Since Clash of Clans is already at its peak of popularity, some people might wonder what is the future of it. We have some predictions for the game.

Increased popularity

Some might say that since the game is already so popular there is only one road now and it is downhill. However, we believe that in 2017 Clash of Clans might become even more popular (or have more active players) because the company has enough money to invest into various ways to keep the game on top.

More branches

We already see the brand expanding into new branches. We see internet TV series already gaining huge popularity. We think it is only the beginning, a test of the waters. So the next logical step would be creating a movie or expanding even further: starting to manufacture toys or even opening a theme park. The company has vast resources so any new venture could be viable and high quality could be expected.

Integration with other games

Clash Royale already came out both as a backup plan for the company and as an extention. We think that more games will appear in the future with the same heroes. As soon as a new popular game genre emerges on the mobile stores we can expect the same genre but with Clash of Clans characters.

Big updates

Many updates are constantly rolling out already. They are dedicated to balancing the game and making it more involving. However we think that this year the creators might go even further and introduce huge updates that would change the game a lot. However, the existing players would not like a complete crash of the economy or an elimination of their achievements so we think the creators will focus on adding new important features instead of changing the current game mechanics completely.

Mini games

One of the new ways to update the game could be introducing mini games. This could be anything from collecting special cards or other souvenirs to simply playing other games with Clash of Clans characters, included into the main game. So don’t be surprised if the next update suddenly brings something like an endless running game with Clash of Clans characters which you can play during the spare time from attacks and building.

Active players

We believe that Clash of Clans will focus on retaining the current active players as well. This means that they will search for ways to keep you playing and not turn off the game. We do not know what it is going to be yet but such strategy will definitely be implemented.


We believe you can expect more official giveaways in the future. This might not come soon but the creators might use such tactic in order to attract new users and also remind the old ones about the game and make them come back.

Version 2

Finally, the most drastic but quite expected step would be to completely revamp the game and introduce Clash of Clans 2. We might see new looks, new characters and even completely new gameplay, but the second version has been anticipated for so long now that it might actually happen!

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