100 000 Free Gems!

Free Gems

Have you received the free 100 000 Clash of Clans gems already? This bonus is available for every player, so get the gems now while the giveaway still lasts!

Maxclashgems is dedicated to helping new and old players of Clash of Clans. We and our sponsors worked very hard in order to make this bonus available so don’t wait any longer – grab the free gems and enjoy!

Here is a quick guide how to get them:

First, visit the main giveaway page at http://maxclashgems.com

Then you will have to enter your Clash of Clans player name. You will find it displayed on the upper left corner, next to your level. You can skip this step if you visit the page directly from the device that has Clash of Clans installed on it. In such case we will automatically detect if you have the game installed and what is the player name.

On the next step you will have to share the page. You can share it on any forum, website or video. Some ideas for shares:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other social networks
  • Clash of Clans forums
  • Gaming forums
  • Private messages to friends
  • Email
  • YouTube videos
  • Blogs

An example of a share:


Our system automatically detects when you share the link and immediately unlocks the next step.

Finally, you will have to verify that you are a human by completing a quick survey. This step was implemented to prevent system abuse and make sure that all legit players will get the bonus and it will last as long as possible.

Simply complete the survey instructions. It usually requires entering your email, phone number or installing an app from the official app store. This step is completely safe and usually takes just a few seconds! When you complete it you immediately receive the bonus!

So just to recap: visit the page, enter your name, share the giveaway, complete human verification and you are good to go! 100 000 gems are yours to spend!

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