New to Clash of Clans?

New Clash of Clans Player

Is it hard to start playing Clash of Clans for a complete newbie now, when there are already hundreds of thousands players? While some might say that there is no point in competing with already experienced players who have leveled up ages ago, we believe that actually it is the best time to start!

Even though it is not a new game and there are already many experienced players, you still have a chance! There are a couple main reasons for that.

First of all, you have an advantage because you can access tons of tips and strategies starting from the beginning. The game is popular and you can easily find information on how to get stronger using the most efficient ways. You have an access to shortcuts that were not available for the first players. Therefore, you can make informed decisions and save time and resources while the first players had to figure everything out themselves. This involved a lot of errors along the path of trial and error and means that you can actually outsmart them if you use all the available information.

Second thing is balance updates. The game is updated from time to time and more buildings and characters are added, as well as some balance changes are made. This means that old players might actually lose on such updates. They might have chosen a long time strategy that is not working anymore after the recent update and they are weakened. Meanwhile, you know the situation and available options from the start and you can plan your actions accordingly.

These are the two main things that we believe make it worth to start now. You definitely can be stronger than the old players if you start now so use this chance!

Also, here is a bonus list of quick tips for new players. Even these simple tips will give you an edge against most of the players!


  • Upgrade all other buildings before upgrading Town Hall
  • Focus on attacking more than on defense
  • Upgrade your Mines and Collectors, especially when you are in the lower levels
  • Plan your attacks carefully
  • Join an active Clan


  • Leave empty spaces in your base for the attackers to get your loot easily
  • Build your storages outside
  • Deploy your troops at a single spot
  • Attack a base if you thing it might be a trap
  • Spend your gems without reason. Read this to understand more about efficient gem spending.

Good luck!

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