Bomb Tower

Bomb Tower

We think it is time to look deeper into the Bomb Tower! It was introduced with the October 2016 update and it is worth a couple minutes of your attention!


  • This defensive building has the shortest range in the game which is 6 tiles.
  • It’s attack speed is 1.1 seconds.
  • It is inspired by the other building in Supercell game Clash Royale.
  • You can unlock it when you have level 8 Town Hall. The second one is unlocked at level 10.
  • The size of Bomb Tower is 3×3.
  • It is similar to Wizard Tower as it also deals splash damage to the troops. However, the bombs cannot attack air units and only affect ground units.
  • When the Bomb Tower reaches 0 health and gets destroyed, the bomb underneath it will explode in a similar way to Giant Bomb hurting all the nearby ground troops.
  • It has 5 levels in total.


When defending, the main strategy is building the Bomb Tower around the areas where you expect large crowds of enemy ground troops. This way you will maximize the damage. Since Bomb Tower does not affect air units, you can combine it with Air Defenses. This way they will protect each other and eliminate each other’s weaknesses.

You can also place Bomb Tower next to Mortar and thus create a substitute for Wizard Towers in case they are needed somewhere else. Remember that Bomb Tower is effective in covering Mortar’s blind spot only if they are placed near each other.


Since air troops are not affected by the Bomb Tower, this is your go-to strategy when you want to avoid the damage. All such strategies will not be hindered by the Bomb Towers.

Also, send in a smaller amount of troops to take down the Tower. This way you will reduce the damage to your army when it shoots the bombs and when it explodes after you destroy it.

A great way to avoid the damage of the explosion on your troops is to send in a tank unit which will soak up the damage.

If there are empty 4×2 spaces near the Bomb  Towers you might run into Giant Bombs so be careful about that!


  • TH level 8 is required for level 1.
  • TH level 8 is required for level 2.
  • TH level 9 is required for level 3.
  • TH level 10is required for level 4.
  • TH level 11 is required for level 5.

We hope this short guide helps to know the Bomb Tower better!


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