Fair Play Note

Fair Play Announcement

Supercell just announced another note concerning the use of external software.

First of all, they made sure that players understand any external software including bots, mods, hacks and anything similar to them are completely disallowed. Players will get banned immediately if they use such help.

However, Clan Wars still suffered from exploits and it is changing now as well. In case a clan uses such thing it will be banned from Clan Wars for 14 days. That’s right, the entire clan will be banned for this amount of time and you will not be able to negotiate this decision!

This update was very much awaited as it balances the game even more and stops the cheaters which was one of the bigger Clash of Clans problems. This might even attract an influx of new players as the playing experience will get much cleaner.

Now is the best time to remove and forget any third party hack. Supercell warned that they will be strict about this and you don’t want to risk your account! Even more, make sure your clan is reliable and does not use exploits as well! If you feel that it might be the case, better join another one than be sorry later! And warn your friends as well!

So the only reliable thing to get an advantage in the game from now on is by using gems. Check out our giveaway here. There is no risk involved as it is now the only reliable and legal way to get free bonus!

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