How To Pick Your Opponents

How to pick Clash of Clans opponents

The best way to win a battle is to choose the right opponent. Therefore, we have compiled some quick tips that should help you lead your troops to the victory!

First of all, check the target’s Town Hall level. If it is significantly lower than your Town Hall level you will get less loot. It is logical to at least get back the resources you spend on your troops. Otherwise attacking is not economically viable.

If you only care about resources, it probably makes more sense to simply send out several goblins and lose the battle than win by spending tons of resources.

The raid tactics also depend on what resources you are looking for. Trophies are good for going up in the ranks but you will need a sizable investment in troops to make sure you get two or three stars on your raid. Also remember to hit elixir reserves in order to replenish resources for troops. After that, you simply have to target the strongest defenses for those resources. Use your giants first to draw fire from towers. Then move on to wall breakers to breach. After that send in more giants. Barbarians, wizards, and archers are useful for chewing on structures after the areas have been cleared of cannon and mortar fire. Goblins can bee-line for resources. Just remember that you want to win a battle by wasting as little resources as possible!

Since you cannot control your troops directly, you have to remember each unit’s favorite targets and deploy the right troops accordingly. For example, barbarians simply attack the nearest buildings which is not a good idea in many cases. Also, remember that some more experienced players create bases which essentially channel the attackers into a ton of traps. Try avoiding such places!

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