Spend Clash Of Clans Gems Wisely!

Spending Gems

Do you think you know where to spend Clash of Clans gems? Is your strategy really the most efficient? Read this quick guide and find out if you have been doing it right!

First of all, make sure you have used our giveaway and gor your 100 000 bonus before reading this tutorial. After all, you have to have something to spend before spending it!

So what is the best way to use the gems efficiently?

It depends on how much gems you have! If you used our giveaway you have a lot and can be not as tight fisted as when you have no bonus at all. In this tutorial we will assume that you have the bonus and you are a careful smart player at the same time!

These are the top two things to do with your gems:

  1. Builder’s Huts. This is the best way to employ the gems. You can buy a total of 5 of them and each gives an additional builder. This means that you will be able to upgrade and build faster. It is a small investment compared to waht you get for that. Basically, it is the main thing that drives the game and makes it faster if you have this part fully upgraded.
  2. Barracks Boost. Each time you boost the Barracks you will get 2 hours of 4x more units produced. Raid continuously while you have this enabled and you will be able to loot enormous amounts of stuff! Also, if you produce mostly the armies that require less time to be created you will have even more room for raiding.

In short, the strategy goes as follows:

Eat, sleep, raid, repeat


That’s it! All other spending options are less efficient as you can basically get everything by raiding and you will be building faster. However, you can spend the gems on other things as well. It all depends on your playing style and your bank size. Just don’t forget to control it, otherwise you will run into a deficit pretty quick again. It is always better to know that you have backup gems at your disposal than be constantly grinding for more.

What we don’t recommend is boosting Goldmines. You can earn more gold by boosting Barracks and raiding. Boosting Goldmines usually pays you less.

The same goes for purchasing resources. Raiding is better here as well as the prices are enormous.

We really hope this helps! Good luck!

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